Let me start by saying that I’m a flyfishing guide and I have become tired of seeing the sport I love turn into a sport that only the rich can afford.  Fishing was meant to be enjoyed, without constantly worried about the cost of it.  I carry no inventory, and as you will see my web site is plain Jane and I’m not looking to retire on the income I derive from giving you a great deal. I split the shipping cost amongst the clients.  All orders will have an $8 shipping and handling charge.  Monies will be collected when I have the flies in hand. 

These prices are good 365 days a year.


I believe I’ve partly answered the why, but to reaffirm the disdain I have for my industry, how do we expect this sport to survive and have kids enjoy the sport when every time you lose a fly it’s like watching a two dollar bill float down the river.  Not many families can afford it.  Yeah, I guess I’m on a soap box, but the worst thing that can happen is you get a quality fly CHEAP.  Enough of my personal opinion.


All flies are tied to the specific pattern.  In fact, if you like your bug tied a little differently (lighter, darker…etc)  let me know.  Hooks are tied on Mustad brand hooks and all come barbed.  You crimp your own barbs. 


I do not carry inventory.  You have to do some pre planning.  I might not have the order ready for a month or so.  


At the top left of this home page click on “place and order” and you will be able to download an order form.  The excel spreadsheet is fairly self- explanatory.  When completed, e-mail the form to me at flyorder@aol.com and I will confirm your order.

When I place the order, you will have your flies in two to four weeks.  Orders will be sent to you by priority mail with a tracking number.

If you do not see your pattern, send it to me and well have it made for you.  I will let you know what price your pattern falls under before the order is placed. 

I know this all sound too good to be true - but my goal is not to make everyone happy.  I already have fly shop owners in my area upset with me.  So my suggestion is, place a minimum order of 5 dozen flies first.  Check out the quality for yourself.  Feel comfortable, then stock up your fly boxes.  Or keep paying between $1.50 to $2.75 per fly and watch your money float down the river instead of having a fish taking your fly.