Received the Atlantic salmon flies yesterday (Sat.) in great shape.   I’ve got a real problem with them, though.  They’re way to pretty.  It’s gonna be hard to tie them on and start flailin’.  What an excellent job!  Thank you so much.

Bob Scooneas, Plainwell, MI



As usual, your flies are of exceptional quality.  I contend you could take a handful of various flies you sell, take them to an Orvis shop, secretly drop them into the proper fly bin, and no one would know the difference.   


Jim Schroeder

Rog, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I fished the caddis hatch on the arkansas river. I caught several fish on the flies that I received from you. The largest was 18" and her girth was as big around as my forearm! Thank you and keep up the good work.



Received your flies this evening, and must say that I am delighted...I don't know who you have subcontracted with in Kenya, but you have a winning thing going. The quality and condition and packaging is top-notch. The tails on the comparaduns are sometimes bit out of wack, but I have yet to order from anyone even for $2.50 a fly who gets that feature right with the tails back and in line and slightly up even most of the time.

I should tell you that I am a novice when it comes to fly fishing, but seeing the flies you sent has me all excited all over again about this summer. I went straight ahead and recommended you tonight to one of my fishing buddies.

In terms of service, appreciate your allowing me to order half-dozen quantities this time around. Also am grateful for your tracking the order in terms of notifying me when you received them from your supplier, the USPS confirmation receipt you use, and the follow-up e-mail sent earlier today. Doing things remotely is both an opportunity and a bit unsettling, but your vigilance alleviated some of my fears.

I wish you the best both in your vocation as a guide and secondly in your work in a very competitive industry in supplying flies to anglers; fully expect I'll be back for orders in the future.

My son is turning five this summer, can't wait to get him started. Your store makes that prospect all the more inviting as I expect we'll be going through flies at a rather brisk rate (and although I expect I'll need to grow much better at untangling lines and removing hooks from brush and clothes and who know where else...!) He thinks your PMD Parachutes are the bomb...Great to see his face light up as we opened the many, many boxes of flies tonight..


Harry Schmalz

Speaking of your flies, enclosed is a picture of a 19” Brown I caught on the Yellowstone Saturday, and you’ll notice your black conehead bugger in his mouth. Granted a nineteen incher ain’t the biggest fish in the river, my point is that we stripped that fly from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm on a 17.5 mile float, and caught fish on it all day. Two of us (Greg Brown and I) boated 50 fish, easy. We fished Hopper patterns for about an hour in the late afternoon, and might have picked up 5 or 6, but that black bugger was definitely the ticket and caught nice (14”-17”) fish on it all the way to dark.

Craig Frohlich


Thanks for your continuing reports.  I thought you might be interested to hear that some of the flies you sent me have already proved effective although they were purchased for use in Chile to which I have not yet been.  We have just caught Atlantic salmon in Scotland with bead head black buggers and with both black and olive egg sucking leaches.  These were in a loch and I wouldn't have dreamed of using such flies normally as we generally fish floating lines and small flies.  However, these were not producing in the hot and still conditions and we had to get deeper. My son also lost a salmon on a tiny river with a large muddler minnow, about twice the size that we typically consider using.  One lives and learns.

Yours sincerely
Douglas Wise

Dear Roger,

Barring the international flights with their attendant delays (the worst of 10 hours) we had a good trip and interesting fishing covering three venues in Argentina and Chile.  We didn't catch enormous quantities of trout (4-6/day) but what we did catch were of good quality and hard fighting wild fish, mostly rainbows.  Our most exciting fishing was in Lake Yelcho where we were successful with largish tan colored hoppers on the surface.  We had a lot of interest from and quite a lot of hook ups with very large trout which were quite adept at practicing long distance release due to weeds.  I boated a rainbow of 28" estimated at 12-15lbs and my wife's best was 7lbs.  The Chernobyls I took didn't attract any interest and may have been on the large side.  The Lake Yelcho fish were very choosy - not taking dragon fly patterns nor hoppers of other colors.  This was odd as there would have been no natural hoppers on the water where we were fishing.  The trout were also leader shy and it seemed important to use fluorocarbon. 

I could have done with some smaller dries than I took although had some success.  The elk hair caddis (14-16) were good, particularly during caddis hatches which occurred at one venue in spectacular fashion just as darkness fell. I also caught a few trout with bivisibles at dusk.  In the day, we needed tiny flies and fish were selective.  I did best (of the flies I took)   with Royal Wulffs (18-20) but could have done with 22s or 24s of various patterns.  Fortunately, the guides at one venue had limited numbers but even they were somewhat short as they had been taken by surprise by the need for such small flies. 

The streamers I took were generally acceptable.  I think the olive buggers were generally preferred to other colors and brown least.  The guides were surprised that I had most success with an olive egg sucking leach.  My wife surprised everybody by hooking a Chinook of approximately 55lbs which was taken on a black bugger with added lead on a floating line.  Although she bought it close to the boat, it took off as soon as it realized what was going on and had just about spooled her before biting through the 6 lb leader.

I suspect that the flies I took could have done with a bit more weight and the guides always chose our heavier ones - cone heads for example.  The rubber legged versions certainly had no more catching power and probably less than the straightforward versions. The attrition rate on streamers was very high, particularly on the Rio Yelcho when fishing to the bank under overhanging trees in fast water with a lot of fallen trees hidden in it  (Had we spent all day streamer fishing here we might have lost 8-10 flies/person per day).  The big browns seem to like to lurk around these sunken structures and I hooked and lost what was probably a very big brown in fallen trees.  I managed to keep it out of its lair but couldn't get it to the surface and it bit through 6lb leader during the stand off.  I did use muddler minnows and zonkers but they were a bit lighter in weight though not in size than the guides liked.  We also used and had some success with clousers.  Our flies could have been more effective if I had used a full sinking line rather than a 12 foot fast sink tip.  However, as our preference is to fish on the surface, I think that what I ordered from you served us well.

Thank you for supplying our party and for your interest in our results,

Yours  Douglas Wise 


Just got my flies a few minutes ago i could not be happier, i will be using them for the evening bite THANK YOU THANK YOU they look awesome

Those 'Otter Eggs' are working extremely well on the lakes I told you about; thanks. Only problem is...we did not order enough! We are trailing them behind black marabou woollies..and it is four-to-one for the eggs. Large spawning rainbows and one big, beautiful cuttthroat.
Tom Haycock



THE  flies held up great we did great with them. Both my boys ended up fly fishing all most the entire time.  We slayed the pike and grayling all week.  Did you use any for the bunny flies we tied for you? Are you kidding me. It was the go to fly. Here is why we threw frog patterns and poppers when we first entered a cove and almost like clock work the biggest of the pikes would hit. Then it would shut down like clock work , so I would put on the bunnie and walk it slow fast etc off the bottom and would catch every pike in the hole. They were the bomb.

Thank you for following up and hope to fish with you again soon, thanks for the fly order. I hope you had a successful year. I have given your website to a number of guys and will continue to sing the the same tune on the money you saved me. Keep the news letters coming.

Mike Miller


Roger                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thanks for sending the fishing reports, I really enjoy them even if I don't let you know.  I wanted to tell you that last fall I was on the Green with my friend Gordon( he's the one who sold the 12 or 13 patterns to Umpqua). Great guy, hope you get to meet him sometime. Anyhow, we were having a pretty fair dry fly day but when it slowed down some I was showing him and his trainee guide ( the kid we made row) some of the flies I got from you. He thought they were great (This from a guy who ties A LOT  is definitely a compliment). I had messed up and ordered some Rogue River Salmon flies that were too small but I kept them because I figured I would use them. For shits and giggles I put on a #12 and I immediately started spanking these very technical small dry fly fish. Whether they had never seen anything like it or what, they sure looked buggy, it wasn't long till Gordon's digging in my box for the same bug. Upshot of the story is the next two days we went thru a lot of those flies (other guides we knew were "borrowing" them). Soooo, I need to order 20 dozen 5051 size #12 Rogue river Salmon fly and 5 dozen 5052 Golden stones size 10. They all wanted a few dozen of them for this fall so it’s a testament to your flies that these guys are going to put them to use. Whenever you can order these with a bigger order will be fine, I just don't need too many others right now. 

Thanks Pitts

Roger, great fish..what a wonderful day.  Thought I'd send a picture of a 23.5" brown I caught on the Big Hole on a streamer.  Have had 50+ fish days on dry's lately, some 19.5".   I used one of your stimulators (#10) and caught over 30 fish with it before I retired it.  It's on my "wall of fame".   It's been great.  Your messages and pictures inspire me to get out more.  Pat

Pat Boyer