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Exclusive Offer to Orderflies.com Customers (see testimonials below)

Out of necessity, I needed to find a landing net for wading.  Now I know some of you are thinking “What is he talking about, there are so many landing nets out there how could he not find one?”  Well, you are correct.  There are lots of landing nets out there and there are a lot of landing nets for wade fishermen.  But, in my humble opinion, they ALL lack four qualities:

  1. Size.  Large enough in diameter to land big fish.  (What I mean by big fish is 22” or larger).
  2. Depth.  The depth of the net needs to be sufficient enough, so that once a fish is in the net, it will stay in the net.  I’m not sure I can count the number of times I’ve seen trout wiggle or flop their way out of landing nets, especially when a fisherman is by him or herself.
  3. Transportable.  I still wanted the landing net on my back, out of the way of my fishing, and to go wherever I go.  I did not want to have to go back to the bank to pick up the net each and every time.
  4. Cost.  I only found one net that almost met my criteria and I was not willing to pay $140 for it!

I searched for a net maker (again at an affordable price) to put together all of the qualities I was looking for.  I came up with the Trophy Trout Net and the Salmon Net.  Both nets meet the qualities any fisherman or woman would ever need in landing large trout, steelhead and salmon.  Once your quarry fits (easily) into these nets, they are not going to come out.  Following are the dimensions:


Trophy Trout Net                                                      Salmon Net

- 33” overall length                                                   - 36” overall length

- 16” by 21” hoop                                                      - 17” by 24” hoop

- Soft nylon net bag Complimentary                         - Soft nylon net bag Complimentary

- 21” net depth                                                          - 25” net depth

Both nets have 12” handles and can be shortened if owner prefers.  Likewise, the nets can be shortened by a seamstress if owner prefers. 

Both nets carry well on airplanes.  For three years I have put them under my seat without ever a word from the airlines.  Once, on a small commuter flight, I had to put it in storage because I was in the front seat.  I learned my lesson, but still, my net was last on and first off.

For the best news of all, both nets sell for $50.00 per net! 

Well, that’s it.  Besides shipping and handling, which will vary depending on destination, I believe Orderflies.com has built the perfect net.  If you are interested in purchasing one or have any questions please e-mail or call me from the information page on the web site. 


Below is a 15 pound male Brown                    


Above: Trophy Trout net on top Salmon net on the bottom


Well now - it's a mighty net (as i expected it would be). Now the long wait to use it I do so want to see it filled up with a large brown.  I know it will handle any trout in North America.    The May fly extra large magnetic keeper you suggested I get for the net, one must be very careful, the damn thing has bitten me twice as I was messing with it - I commend you on your research.

Thanks much Roger




Have to admit the net was larger than I expected and wasn't sure if I would like it, but after using it I really liked it.  I used it on the Missouri a couple weeks ago and it was much easier to land the fish while wading. I didn't get a chance to truly test it with big fish, but it worked great on the 16-19 inch fish we caught.  I know your net will handle any trout I could ever hope to land.




I wanted to let you know how much I love the big net I got from you. Pat and I have used it specifically for the 10-20 lb. fall run of Browns and Salmon that come out of the Great Lakes and the double digit fish in New Zealand.  The bag is big enough so you don't have to bend a big fish double to net it, and soft so that you don't scrape the protective slime off the fish. The zippered case is a real plus when traveling. 

The net works very well when netting smaller fish as the length of the handle and the size of the opening make it easy to scoop them up. I really like the option of hooking it on your vest or sticking the handle under your wading belt in back. This net is my choice for all conditions except when back packing with your 3 weight.


Don Barz

Rocky Mountain Angling Club